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GoldBar & Associates is reputed for being an all-inclusive Permanent Employee Recruiting & Temporary Placement Agency. We offer a wide spectrum of services at extremely competitive prices, tailored to your needs that will help your HR department hire the right individual for your company.


Our commitment to you begins with understanding your situation, objectives and constraints.  We then represent you quietly and confidentially fulfilling your position in a professional, timely and cost effective manner.


Recruiting permanent or temporary positions takes skill, experience and …time, the most precious commodity.  In this economic upswing, response to ads are very successful and you may be shocked on how much this exercise actually cost when you factor all of the recruiting elements, such as:

try this simple exercise:

If you have recently recruited a new employee, enter your corresponding figures in the cells below.  The total recruiting cost will be automatically adjusted.

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   We have not even included the costs relating to interviews with other Managers or staff, travel & displacement costs!!

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